Target audience

Versus-X is committed to creating a dynamic and inclusive gaming ecosystem that caters to a diverse audience, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience for all. Our platform is designed with three main target groups in mind, each with unique gaming preferences and expectations.

Traditional gamers:

Aged 18-55, seeking a comprehensive, skill-based gaming experience, often engaging in longer gameplay sessions on PC. Theyโ€™re prime candidates for introduction to skill-based wagering in player-versus-player (PvP), play-to-earn (P2E), and non-fungible token (NFT) integrated games.

Casual gamers:

Aged 18-35, preferring shorter, more relaxed gaming sessions, typically on mobile devices. They appreciate the ease of access and simplicity when it comes to gaming.

This group would be most likely to wager on arcade-style and single-player games.

Crypto degens:

Crypto-savvy users who are enthusiastic about wagering across a variety of platforms, showing a keen interest in the integration of blockchain technology within the gaming experience. They look for any real-world application of blockchain technology and are eager to explore new projects, ecosystems, and solutions that combine web2 and web3.

By recognizing and addressing the distinct preferences of these groups, Versus-X aims to foster a rich, versatile gaming environment that resonates with gamers from all walks of life.

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