Founders, advisors

At the helm of Versus-X stands a trio of visionaries, each bringing a wealth of experience from the gaming and financial sectors to pioneer the next frontier of skill-based sports gaming.

Dean Baker is a stalwart of the gaming industry, with over two decades of experience shaping some of the most iconic series at CodeMasters and Evolution Studios, including Colin McRae Rally and WRC Rally. In 2008, Dean co-founded Red Chain Games along with Richard Smith. Dean has a true passion for sports and actively participates in the cryptocurrency market, embodying the spirit of innovation and competition

Chris Banwell offers a unique perspective with over 30 years of experience spanning the gaming industry and the financial sector. After a successful career in global banking, Chris returned to his first love, game development. His belief in the transformative power of Bitcoin and gaming innovation drives his vision for Versus-X.

Richard Smith brings over two decades of experience from the forefront of the gaming industry, contributing to celebrated titles like LMA Football Manager and Sniper Elite at CodeMasters and Rebellion Studios. A co-founder of Red Chain Games alongside Dean, Richard's journey from early programming on the C64 to a deep interest in VR and martial arts reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming and virtual reality.

Apart from the founders, itโ€™s important to highlight the expertise and vision of the advisors supporting Versus-X.

Jonny 'Hustlepedia', the founder of TTOO and NexusLabs, is giving the project valuable advice and feedback on web3 gaming.

Ryan Horn, the former head of Binance NFT, is an experienced web3 project advisor who serves as Platform Strategy Advisor for Versus-X.

Bryson Warsap, the founder of several web3 projects, brings years of experience in the cryptocurrency space to his role as Business Development Advisor.

Oliver Maxfield, a startup founder and advisor, is joining the team as our Esports Advisor.

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Together, the founders of Versus-X combine their deep-rooted experience in game and software development, marked by decades of creating multi-million unit selling titles, to venture into Web3 gaming. Their shared history of innovation and commitment to fun, engaging gameplay aims to extend their impact from development to publishing, allowing the number of games to increase in the Versus-X ecosystem and opening the doors to other developers, studios, and brands. The Versus-X team is supported by a group of advisors, all of whom have achieved great success and have extensive experience in their fields. With their extensive experience, skill set, and genuine enthusiasm for sports gaming, the Versus-X team is fully capable of achieving the project's ambitious goals.

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