Games, gameplay, and game modes

The goal of Versus-X is to offer a wide range of games. Early on, the focus will be on developing a repertoire of realistic, skill-based sports games. With the Golf and Pool games already available to play, the Versus-X gokart game is currently in development, expected to be released in 2024. Following that, we intend to continue developing high-quality games for a variety of popular sports such as basketball, tennis, football, and chess. Long-term plans include opening up the Versus-X platform to other developers, allowing for a wide range of games such as first-person shooters (FPS), strategy, arcade, and many more.

The Hub is currently used as an access point for players' favorite games, but it will eventually serve multiple roles and have important functionality. The Hub will be the the center of the Versus-X metaverse, offering access to a sports-focused digital environment, a comprehensive digital economy, and a variety of partner offerings.

Pool is the first flagship game in Versus-X. With several exciting arcade modes, players are challenged in multiple ways to beat targets to earn tokens. Player vs player (PvP) and player vs environment (PvE) modes are available. Players can battle to the top of the leaderboards in every game mode to earn season rewards

Golf is the second game in Versus-X. With several fun arcade modes, playersโ€™ skills will be challenged on accuracy, power and control to complete fun challenges. After players have mastered their golf swing, they can head to one of our three visually stunning and very challenging Par 3 holes to practice that hole-in-one.

For every game currently available and under development, Versus-X offers a rich tapestry of gameplay modes designed to cater to every type of competitor, from casual players to hardcore gamers:

-Practice Mode: A foundational space where players can hone their skills, learn the basics and master the techniques essential for competitive play.

-Arcade Mode: Players engage in short, intense challenges lasting 2-5 minutes, where specific goals lead to victory and rewards.

-PvP (player vs. player): The ultimate test of skill, where players face off in head-to-head battles, with the winner taking all.

-Tournaments: Players participate in knockout competitions that span multiple rounds, with podium rewards for the top competitors.

-Leaderboards: Every score matters, with seasonal rewards encouraging players to climb the ranks, secure their legacy, and earn rewards.

-Sponsored competitions: A variety of competition types, including those with larger prize funds, offer players the chance to showcase their skills on a grand stage.

-Wagering: Utilizing blockchain technology, Versus-X offers skill-based wagering in both PvP and arcade modes, allowing players to bet against friends, rivals, or the house.

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