Marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy is twofold: initially focusing on attracting both competitive and casual gamers within the web3 community, followed by tailored campaigns aimed at traditional gamers. This dual-phase approach is designed to bridge the gap between the innovative world of web3 gaming and the established realm of traditional gaming, fostering a unified gaming community.

Versus-X will engage in a variety of marketing activities to attract a diverse community, including but not limited to:

Content creator marketing – Versus-X has high potential for exciting streamer content through the natural exciting factor of sports and the possibility of high stakes wagering.

Community partnerships – Versus-X provides custom game environments for web 3 communities allowing members to wager using native token.

Token integration partnerships – 3rd party tokens will be integrated in the Versus-X ecosystem which increases wagering volume and comes with co-marketing campaigns targeting users of 3rd party tokens.

Paid advertising – We believe a certain level of traditional, web2 advertising is necessary mainly to capture non-crypto-native mobile gamers.

Sign up bonuses - Versus-X will introduce the proven model of offering sign up bonuses, letting players get a taste of the exciting world of in-game token wagering.

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